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Show your work in the intimate Exhibition Space


  • Rates start at $330 per month and depend on media/studio type and lease period (minimum 6-months)

  • Discounts included with one-year leasing periods

  • Month-to-month agreement only considered after reliable 12 months of payment history (no discounts)

  • Deposits: first and last month lease amount + $100 key deposit

  • ALL utilities included in lease cost: electric, heat/ac, water, sewer, trash (non-hazardous materials only)

  • 3D-studios: all amenities included (except additional firing fee for ceramic kiln use)

  • 2D-studios: all amenities included except locker and use of large 3D studio work area, kiln, and compressor

  • Artists may host 2 week exclusive show in Exhibition Space for each 6-months of lease period

  • Artists may show 2 or 3 works in Exhibition Space when exclusive shows not in-progress

  • NO commissions collected for works in Exhibition Space - shows/sales managed by individual artists

Password required...please to discuss options before viewing agreement.

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