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RW Broome, emerging sculptor, opened Scultura Studios in 2007 to create a new community of visual artists in the Boulder, Colorado area.

The conveniently-located facilities provide individual dedicated studio spaces for 2 painters or other 2D artists and for 2 to 4 sculptors, ceramicists, or other 3D artists.

All resident-artists also share commonly-needed resources such as a room for working with models and for photographing artwork; a utility area with shower, lockers, sink, refrigerator and microwave; and a small gallery space where artists may display their work at no charge.

For more details about the studios, visit our facilities page.

Typical Studio

Typical 3D Artist Studio

Studio Location
Gunpark Drive
Gunbarrel Neighborhood
Boulder, Colorado USA

Visit our Artists' Websites

RW Broome - Sculptor ]
Dr. Charles Lee - Cellist ]
Elle Wells - Cellist ]
Sean Leftwich - Painting, Drawing ]


Currently, we have space for two or three artists depending on facility requirements. Current spaces are ideal for 3D or mixed media arts.

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